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In an attempt to keep language on here family oriented, the admin designated certain people to be Chat Moderators. See link below to view the chat moderators.

Deleting a chat message

If you have Chat Moderators permission, you will see a small garbage bin icon next to each message. All you have to do is click that icon and you will see a message saying something along the lines of "Message moved".  The message is still visible to the admin for later viewing. Image below shows the Trash icon:

Chat moderation del icon.png

Once the message is soft deleted, you will see this message and the message will disappear from chat

Mute a player from chat

If you have the proper permissions, you will also be able to mute a player from chat. To do this, click on the username of the player. Once you are viewing their profile, you will see a little icon like below:

Chat mute icon.png
Click this button and you will be shown 3 fields. Username, minutes, and reason. Username should already be filled in with the selected username. Enter how many minutes and the reason why they are being muted. The user will not be able to post messages in chat until the timer is up.

Unmute user

Follow the same steps as muting a user, but enter 0 for the time and reason can be anything.

Warning a player

Chat moderators can also issue a warning to a player. This can be done several different ways. The easiest way it to visit a player's profile in the game, and click "Warn Player". After that enter a reason for the warning. Make sure "Notify User" is selected and click submit. After that, ensure the user does not have too many warnings. If the user has an excessive amount of warnings, notify someone up the chain of command so that proper steps can be taken against the user.

Add badword

Adding badwords to the badword list is pretty simple. Simply visit ( and follow the instructions there. Not all Chat Moderators will have this permission. To test the bad word filter type in chat "badwordtest" to ensure the filter is working. But please keep in mind, it is logged just like a regular bad word. So please use this at a minimum.

Keep in mind:

Remember never use this because you are mad at someone in the game or any other reason than the player is doing something against the rules. Everything you do is logged and checked by an admin and you will be punished if you use ANY of your powers at your own gain.