Train in the gym
Training in the gym increases your stats in the game. These stats do various things, but mainly controls your attack strength and defense.

Strength controls how hard you hit when attacking. Increasing your strength will allow your weapon to hit harder when attacking.

Rank: 8

Score: 88,923


Agility is your ability to jump out of the way when another player tries to attack you. Increasing your ability will make it harder for someone to hit you.

Rank: 8

Score: 83,338


Guard controls how good you are at blocking attacks from other players. The higher your guard is, the less damage you take when being hit.

Rank: 8

Score: 82,925


Labour is used when trying to get promoted in at your job. You must train your labour in able to get promoted to higher paying jobs in the game.

Rank: 8

Score: 91,209

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