Put item up for auction
Please remember, once you list an item, there is no going back!
Quantity is the amount that you want to list in this auction. Sometimes it is better to create seperate auctions for each item.
This is the amount of days that you want the item to be listed. This can be as long as 10 days, but sometimes players would rather bid on items ending sooner than later.
This is what the bidding will start at. The bid can never get any lower than what you set here.
This is the price set by you that you would be happy selling it for. Instead of someone having to wait on the auction to end, they can buy it right then. If you leave it at 0, then buy it now will be disabled for this auction. Most likely you will not make anything over the buy it now price, so set it wisely. This message will be displayed on the auction page. You can describe the item or anything here.

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