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Equipped Items
Primary Weapon None equipped. 
Secondary Weapon None equipped. 
Armor None equipped. 
Item Item Level Sell Value In display case? Links
Melee Weapon
*Fists x31$5YES remove[Auction off][Info] [Send] [Sell] [Equip as Weapon]
*Foldable Chair3$150NO add[Auction off][Info] [Send] [Sell] [Equip as Weapon]
*Kitchen Knife x42$100NO add[Auction off][Info] [Send] [Sell] [Equip as Weapon]
Pillow1$225YES remove[Auction off][Info] [Send] [Sell]
*Pistol x37$600YES remove[Auction off][Info] [Send] [Sell] [Equip as Weapon]
Noobi Diapers0$700NO add[Auction off][Info] [Send] [Sell]
*Thick Jacket x24$354NO add[Auction off][Info] [Send] [Sell] [Equip as Armor]
*Trash Can Lid8$704NO add[Auction off][Info] [Send] [Sell] [Equip as Armor]

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