About Credits
Credits are used in the game to purchase donator packs, items, money, and donator days. The credits you purchase go towards the server costs, and helps fund the changes that are made in this game.
Purchase Credits
Package Cost Credits PayPal Cryptocurrencies
May take a few minutes
Pack 1 $1 10 credits
Pack 2 $3 35 credits
Pack 3 $5 55 credits
Pack 4 $10 110 credits
Pack 5 $15 160 credits
Pack 6 $20 220 credits
Pack 7 $50 550 credits
Pack 8 $100 1100 credits
Spending Credits
You can spend credits on various things. You can use your credits here to purchase in-game rewards. Please be sure your oder is correct before placing it, as there is no conformation or no refunds.
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Donator Days

Donator days are probably the best way to spend credits. Donator days increases the speed that your stats replenish. For example, if it takes 10 minutes to refill your brave, then it will take 5 minutes instead. The stats that are affected by donator days are Energy, Will, and Brave. With donator days, you are also considered a respected member of the game. Your username will appear in green in various parts of the game. And you will get a special badge on your user profile. Donator days also removes the annoying ads while you have donator status.

0 Days

Body Guard
Purchasing a body guard protects you from anyone who tries to attack you. If they attempt to attack you, they get severly beat up and sent to the hospital. This is perfect for anyone being picked on or needing some protection while carrying a large amount of cash.

0 hour of protection
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In Game Money
Money is used to do just about everything in the game. With money, you WILL have power. Money can bail yourself out of jail, buy HUGE weapons, buy a new real estate to increase your will, and MANY MANY more things.

Crystals are used in the game for various things. The main use is refilling your stats. For example, you can refill your Energy and Brave with crystals. They can also be sold for large sums of money because they are so rare and precious in the game.

0 Crystals
Will Potions
Will potions are used to refill your will bar. Your will is what changes your chances of completing a crime and your stat gain in the gym. Since these are donator only items, they could even be sold in the auctions for LARGE amounts of cash.

0 Will Potions
Order Total: 0 Credits

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